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Top Performers at 5 College Regional Championships! (News)
Towards the end of only its 2nd year American College Cricket organized 5 regional College Championships around the USA. 30 Universities particpated.Most of the teams were created or motivated by Amer...
Lloyd Jodah
Rabri Devi and Yamraj's Wall of Clocks (Humor/Jokes)
Rabri Devi died and went to heaven (Don''t Laugh).As she stood in front of Yamraj , she saw a huge wall of clocks behind. She asked, "What are all those clocks?"Yamraj answered, "Thos...
Ajay Singh
American College Cricket Championship in March 2011 ! (News)
The 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship will be March 15-20, 2011. March 15 – 19 will feature the Playoffs, followed by the Semi-finals and Finals on March 20th. The Cricke...
Lloyd Jodah
UF Gators vs Auburn University - a cricket rivalry begins ! (News)
Auburn is ranked # 2 in football and # 13 in cricket. The Gators are 22 in football post-Tim Tebow and only now beginning their college cricket battles. The 2 schools had a long rivalry before change...
Lloyd Jodah
OSU President on Board of American College Cricket (News)
President of Ohio State University E Gordon Gee is now on the Advisory Board of American College Cricket.Gee worked for Chief Justice Warren Burger of the U.S. Supreme Court after clerking und...
Lloyd Jodah
USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins take rivalry to cricket ! (General)
T''was the night before the USC vs Notre Dame game, when all through the USC campus there was a stirring....it was the USC Marching Band and the USC Cheerleaders, as the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruin...
Lloyd Jodah
BIG League USA lauched Academy & League at Cricket Stadium in Florida (General)
Before a large crowd of Cricket fans and invited guests at the Cricket Stadium in Lauderhill, Florida, BIG League USA announced the Launch of the BIG Broward Cricket League and the BIG Broward Cricket...
Lloyd Jodah
Different Yet Similar (Poetry)
In A World Full Of Different Faces,I See Familiar In Unfamiliar Ones,What Is A Copy To One,Is An Original To Someone,Comparisons To A Reference Point,Point Comp...
Gita Shekar
Washington Health Program Offers Peace of Mind for Uninsured (Health & Lifestyle)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 24, 2010 – SEATTLE, WA – Community Health Plan announced it will exclusively cover the state’s uninsured via the new Washington Health Program launched by the Washingt...
Paul Boupha
Health Benefits Of Cauliflowers (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients....calcium,magnesium,folic acid,potassium,boron,beta-carotene,vitamin C.Health benefits....help purify the blood.good for bleeding gums,kidney...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Green Tea (Health & Lifestyle)
Green tea has a clean, delicious taste you will enjoy. Green tea has EGCG complex, a highly desirable antioxidant.Health benefits...may help boost the immune system.has polyphenols...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Carrots (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients.....calcium,magnesium,potassium,phosphorus,beta-carotene.Health benefits....super detoxifier,excellent food for the health of the liverand digestive t...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits For Salmon (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients...calcium,selenium,vitamin D,vitamin E,omega-3 essential fatty acidsHealth benefits...rich source of beneficial omega-3 fish oil..good hormonal health. chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Peppers (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients....potassium,beta-carotene,folic acid,vitamin B,vitamin C.Health Benefits....antibacterial, stimulant.normalize blood pressure.improve circulatory sys...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Turnips (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients....calcium,magnesium,phosphorus, potassium,folic acid,vitamin C.Health benefits....eaten raw, turnips aid digestion,and clean the teeth.alkaline, ...
chetan chopra

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