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Indians in Beaverton (South Parc - Bethany Village)...[View Complete Thread] Prathiba S. Friends 3/22/2023
Looking for friends and family to socialize ...[View Complete Thread] Chandana S. Friends 3/3/2023
Looking for Indians to connect....[View Complete Thread] Harshitha N. Friends 3/3/2023
Indians in Hunters run......[View Complete Thread] Rashmi P. Friends 2/26/2023
Looking to make new friends in Kings Court Apt...[View Complete Thread] Ahruti G. Friends 2/26/2023
Any Indian families in the Waterhouse place?...[View Complete Thread] Divya P. Friends 1/27/2023
Looking for new friends in Hillsboro area...[View Complete Thread] Shubham V. Friends 1/24/2023
Any tamil speaking friends in Hillsboro?...[View Complete Thread] Geert r. Friends 1/6/2023
New Friends...[View Complete Thread] Aneesh S. Friends 11/29/2022
Looking for indian friends near Hillsboro, OR...[View Complete Thread] Rajani M. Friends 8/6/2022
New friends @HuntersRun ...[View Complete Thread] Kishore K. Friends 7/3/2022
ANY KANNADIGAS IN LAKE OSWEGO,OREGON...[View Complete Thread] SHWETHA V. Friends 6/6/2022
Any kannadigas in Portland/Hillsboro/Vancouver area...[View Complete Thread] Pavan P. Friends 6/4/2022
Looking for friends/family in Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Ajay P. Friends 5/7/2022
My Wife looking to make female friends....[View Complete Thread] Gurpreet S. Friends 4/22/2022
Looking for Tamil family to socialize - Bethany...[View Complete Thread] Janani  P. Friends 3/25/2022
New in Hillsboro Oregon ...[View Complete Thread] Shilpa G. Friends 1/22/2022
playdates for toddler girls...[View Complete Thread] N J. Friends 11/4/2021
Konkani speaking friends...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi P. Friends 10/9/2021
I am new to Portland area....[View Complete Thread] Rahul B. Friends 9/28/2021
looking some friends and families...[View Complete Thread] Rahul B. Friends 9/28/2021
Any Kannadigas near downtown Portland? ...[View Complete Thread] Supriya H. Friends 9/7/2021
Anyone from North India...[View Complete Thread] Ajay G. Friends 3/28/2021
Indians in Lake Oswego....[View Complete Thread] Suba K. Friends 2/8/2021
Looking for Indian Families...[View Complete Thread] Smitha V. Friends 2/8/2021
New to Portland - Looking out for friends...[View Complete Thread] Balu R. Friends 1/5/2021
Looking for Indian Friends...[View Complete Thread] Hashim S. M. Friends 10/9/2020
New to hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Aswin K. Friends 10/1/2020
looking for friends in Emerald place...[View Complete Thread] Lekshmy R. Friends 8/29/2020
Looking for Indian friends...[View Complete Thread] Sai lalitha D. Friends 8/21/2020
Marathi families/ friends in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Roshani B. Friends 3/12/2020
Friends, Socialize, Hang-out! New to Portland...[View Complete Thread] bhomik v. Friends 10/27/2019
Trying to make Friends...[View Complete Thread] Adithya M. Friends 9/13/2019
Looking for a place to live starting April 1st 2b&b...[View Complete Thread] Fenina K. Friends 4/3/2019
Moving to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Pankaj S. Friends 3/29/2019
move to Corvallis...[View Complete Thread] dip p. Friends 2/23/2019
Looking for senior ladycompanions for mom visiting US...[View Complete Thread] Sethu P. Friends 1/2/2019
North Indians in Elmonica max station...[View Complete Thread] Shilpi S. Friends 10/30/2018
Anyone staying in Waterhouse Place apartments or Any reviews...[View Complete Thread] Sruti G. Friends 10/30/2018
Yound Desi Mom Meet up...[View Complete Thread] Reha V. Friends 7/2/2018
Looking to connect with Jain or Marwari people...[View Complete Thread] Aditya N. Friends 6/4/2018
Any punjabi friend here ...[View Complete Thread] Kunal G. Friends 6/4/2018
Any marathi couples near Kings Court, Cambridge Crossing...[View Complete Thread] Rish A. Friends 5/20/2018
H4- Kannada Friends...[View Complete Thread] Shruthi K. Friends 5/6/2018
Parents of Telugu families in Tigard...[View Complete Thread] Kamakshi P. Friends 4/24/2018
Looking for Indian friends near Evanbrook apartments,Portland...[View Complete Thread] Suganya L. Friends 4/12/2018
Looking to make friends @ Beaverton Center Pointe...[View Complete Thread] Manisha D. Friends 4/2/2018
hi, anyone Telugu people living in avalon redmond place apartmentd redmond?...[View Complete Thread] bk b. Friends 2/13/2018
Looking for online chat friends...[View Complete Thread] Sree S. Friends 7/21/2017
Looking for friends around bethany...[View Complete Thread] Ambika V. Friends 6/22/2017
North Indians in Elmonica Court Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Shilpi S. Friends 6/15/2017
New to town looking to make new friends ...[View Complete Thread] sonam m. Friends 6/9/2017
Looking for family friends...[View Complete Thread] Siji S. Friends 6/8/2017
Kannadigas in Cambridge Crossing/Kings Court/Elmonica...[View Complete Thread] Madhura B. Friends 6/3/2017
New to Beaverton, looking for friends...[View Complete Thread] Dhan P. Friends 5/21/2017
beaverton kannadigas...[View Complete Thread] Madhura B. Friends 5/18/2017
Any Indian Family living in Cortland Village Hilsboro...[View Complete Thread] Navin K. Friends 2/20/2017
Looking for family friends...[View Complete Thread] Navin K. Friends 2/16/2017
New to Hillsboro, looking for friends...[View Complete Thread] K S. Friends 1/29/2017
Looking for badminton players...[View Complete Thread] Desi g. Friends 1/24/2017
Indian community at South Parc at Bethany...[View Complete Thread] Vinay P. Friends 11/27/2016
Indian Community at The Meridian...[View Complete Thread] Radhika n. Friends 11/15/2016
Looking for Malayalam speaking friend...[View Complete Thread] Sheila B. Friends 10/22/2016
Indians in hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] avijit d. Friends 7/16/2016
Meeting people...[View Complete Thread] Tahira B. Friends 6/28/2016
Any telugu family in Verandas apt?...[View Complete Thread] bhanupriya b. Friends 5/17/2016
Indians in SirCharles Court...[View Complete Thread] jittu p. Friends 5/10/2016
Looking for Desi families in Bethany Creek Falls...[View Complete Thread] Sri G. Friends 4/30/2016
Any Indian in/near Walker Square Apartment...[View Complete Thread] MA M. Friends 3/6/2016
Any south indian (telugu/tamil/kannada)family living at hampshire downs and working in Intel....[View Complete Thread] man v. Friends 2/21/2016
Need friends...[View Complete Thread] Siji S. Friends 2/16/2016
Any tamil family in cambridge crossing apt?...[View Complete Thread] Kumaran A. Friends 1/6/2016
Any telugu family staying in Rowlock apartments Hillsboro?...[View Complete Thread] Sandeep Kumar Reddy D. Friends 12/6/2015
Indian community meetup in Beaverton/ Cedar Mills...[View Complete Thread] Sudha S. Friends 12/1/2015
looking for friends ...[View Complete Thread] Navdeep  S. Friends 11/16/2015
Any Indian families in Palladia ...[View Complete Thread] Harini M. Friends 10/17/2015
Tamil community in palladia...[View Complete Thread] Sangeetha s. Friends 9/24/2015
LOOKING FOR APARTMENT/ACCOMMODATION...[View Complete Thread] K R. Friends 7/25/2015
weekend gathering/friends for activities...[View Complete Thread] avijit d. Friends 7/15/2015
Carpool Beaverton To Portland...[View Complete Thread] Mahesh R. Friends 6/12/2015
Looking for Indians @ Hampshire Downs...[View Complete Thread] Manasa N. Friends 4/24/2015
Friends...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi P. Friends 3/12/2015
Telugu family with kids in Seneca (Avana) apartments...[View Complete Thread] raju j. Friends 12/27/2014
Looking to make some friends ...[View Complete Thread] Simi J. Friends 11/2/2014
New in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Siri C. Friends 7/31/2014
need north indian friend for my daughter...[View Complete Thread] preetu t. Friends 5/29/2014
Kingscourt - tamilians...[View Complete Thread] Lakshmi R. Friends 5/23/2014
Kannadigas in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Shwetha K. Friends 4/28/2014
Indian Friends...[View Complete Thread] Len t. Friends 4/9/2014
Anyone going to Seattle On Friday 3/21/2014...[View Complete Thread] Sandip P. Friends 3/20/2014
Looking for friends in Birch Pointe ,Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Satheesh k. Friends 1/9/2014
Looking for friends and Hindi lessons :-)...[View Complete Thread] Robert S. Friends 1/7/2014
Searching new friends... ...[View Complete Thread] Mehak R. Friends 11/14/2013
New to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Poorna U. Friends 11/13/2013
Friends ...[View Complete Thread] kalyani k. Friends 11/6/2013
H4 Recently moved to beaverton..need to make some friends...[View Complete Thread] indu p. Friends 11/4/2013
Are there any Indian students in Wilsonville ?...[View Complete Thread] kavya u. Friends 9/23/2013
playdate for my son and making new friends...[View Complete Thread] bidisha b. Friends 8/5/2013
Moving to Hillsboro with family July end...[View Complete Thread] Anupama S. Friends 7/16/2013
New Friends...[View Complete Thread] Riddhima P. Friends 6/27/2013
Any one interested in making new friends and family get togethers...[View Complete Thread] Deepthi D. Friends 6/22/2013
Need a Friend I am 25 - Need a female friend...[View Complete Thread] ram c. Friends 12/10/2012
Chating Friends...[View Complete Thread] Hyderabad I. Friends 10/6/2012
Friends at Kings court apt...[View Complete Thread] Deepthi D. Friends 5/8/2012
Looking for new friends or groups ...[View Complete Thread] x t. Friends 7/21/2011
Make Friendsc...[View Complete Thread] Shwetha R. Friends 5/15/2011
Are you looking for Friends?...[View Complete Thread] e b. Friends 3/9/2011
looking for kannada speaking family/new friends...[View Complete Thread] JAYASREE R. Friends 4/26/2010
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