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'Enterprise-led 5G adoption to make big mark in addressing food scarcity issues'


Author : Subhash Narayan

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Las Vegas, Jan 6 (IANS) Over the next decade our lives would be would be influenced by technologies that would not only disrupt the way things are done today, but would also bring about substantive changes in the established systems, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the body organising the worlds largest tech show CES, said ahead of the event's official opening on on Tuesday.

In a presentation given to the media on tech trends to watch out for in 2020, the CTA further said that the start of 5G services across the globe would bring about a paradigm shift in integrating technology to solve several of the complex problems of today.

It is here that the 5G would not only help to solve the problems of food scarcity globally but would also help in creation of smart farms where farmers would be equipped with tech that allows them to better plan their cultivation.

The use of connected drones, satellite based technologies and modern soil sensors would truly help to shift usual farms to switch to and become smart farms. The CES would give an insight into several of the farm based technologies that would bring about this change.

While 5G will facilitate a lot of these changes in future, the technology will largely be led by enterprise, CTA has projected.

The year 2020 will also witness consumerisation of artificial intelligence that will find application in almost all activities be it machine learning, end device, services and emerging tech. The use of AI is also expected to grow in consumer space be it for technologies based on facial recognition, object detection or face recognition. So you could either have a voice activated faucet, smart mirror or a new shower system, all will come with AI technology that changes the way we operate in our day to day activities.

Giving a sneak preview of the technologies of future, the CTA also coined a new theme for IOT or internet of things. In the new definition IOT would mean Intelligence of things as devices would get smarter and much in tune with one's regular requirements.

CTA has also projected that in days ahead amedia (empire) will strike back a as there would be exponential growth in streaming businesses that would be driven by content with much larger options being thrown at consumers.

As per a study, it is estimated that subscription based video on demand services in the US would grow from about $14 billion in 2019 to $20 billion by 2023.

This will not only help established players like amazon, Netflix but would see a entry a lot of new streaming players with content becoming the king ably supported by the diffrentiator technologies.

In terms of audio-video experience, the size of 8K UHD TVs with large screen would grow with average size of screens in normal household growing to 50 inches. Also Augmented Reality (AR) would become a norm while XR innovation will make its use spread across enterprises with also uses in gaming devices, AR glasses and travel and tourism.

Also, use of technologies supporting immersive experience, e-sports and cloud based gaming would grow.

Technologies of future would also disrupt the transportation and healthcare sectors in a big way. So there would not only be growth in self driven cars and fast et charging electric vehicles, but electric vertical take off and landing flying cars would become a reality.

The CTA has further said that this year digital health would become a lifestyle for many with the coming up of host of apps and gadgets. In this category there would be growth of wearables with a host on innovative programmes.

The first CES of the 2020s will offer a glimpse into how we will be spending our spare and leisure time over the next decade. Trends which will be at the forefront are intelligent vehicles, health and fitness technology, 5G networks as well as anything involving data and analytics.

(Subhash Narayan is travelling to Las Vegas at the invitation of CTA. He can be contacted at subhash.n@ians.in)



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