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Whatever I have achieved today, I owe it to my parents: Yagya Bhasin


Author : Indo Asian News Service

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Mumbai, Aug 2 (IANS) Age is just about the numbers and this holds true for child artiste Yagya Bhasin who has been featured in many television shows, including "Krishna Chali London" and the recent "Yeh Hai Chahatein".

He also made his big screen debut with the film "Panga". Yagya played the loving son of Kangana in the film and he has been praised for his performance in the film.

Becoming an established actor is Yagya's dream and to achieve it, he is ready to do everything.

He shared about the support of his parents and how because of the initial financial crunch, his father taught him the basics of acting.

After looking at his passion for acting, his parents supported him by shifting to Mumbai.

"I remember one day when my father was going to the office, I told him I want to go to Los Angeles and I want to become an actor. My father was quite surprised and told me that it is not possible for us to shift there, but yes, we can try and go to Mumbai," he said.

Yagya's father Deepak Bhasin was working with a government organisation while his mother Sonia Bhasin used to run a beauty salon. Yagya added that his parents had to face a huge objection from their families, especially from the paternal side. Since his father was into a government job, many of his friends had discouraged him, saying that he was taking a big risk.

The 11-year-old actor said: "But my parents did not listen to anyone. They sold everything and we all came to Mumbai in July 2017. Whatever I have achieved today, I owe it to my parents."

The initial few months were quite tough for the Bhasin family as Mumbai was new to them and they did not know anything about the city.

Yagya said that he has never been to any acting school since his parents couldn't afford it. He struggled a lot to get his first break in the industry and it was a bumpy ride.

"I have never been to any acting school. There was no time and also we couldn't afford it. So it was my father who used to teach me acting. Though he has never been into acting, it has always been his passion."



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