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Nenevaru is a Telugu action thriller film starring Kola Balakrishna. The film follows Krish, who is in love with Chitra. When Chitra goes missing, he turns into a bloodthirsty predator, doing sinister activities and killing people. Things take a turn when one day Akshara befriends him, only for it to be revealed that she is an undercover cop. What follows is how Krish copes with this revelation. The film is written and directed by Nirnay Palani. The rest of the cast includes Sakshi Chaudhary, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Raja Ravindra, Geet Shah, Tanishq Rajan, and others.

Zarrar is a secret agent gone rogue. He is on a mission to end corruption, aiming to solve the seemingly endless cycle of threats against his homeland of Pakistan.
Tich Button

Kaka helps Saqib when he refuses to marry his cousin Shakeela, but the refusal leads to complications and a wealth of lies. Leena from Turkey enters the picture and love is in the air.
Yaara vey

Triangles are always messy and the one between the disciplined Sania, the gentle Armaan and the maverick Samir was more than she bargained for.
Last Film Show

Samay fights heaven and earth to find light. He wants to catch, control, cut and project that light to tell stories. Now to pursue that dream he must leave everything he loves and take a flight to find the light.
Love Today

Two young lovers, who are made to exchange their phones for a day and what happens due to that.
Love You Loktantra

Political satire narrated in a tongue-in-cheek manner, commenting on current Indian politics with a touch of humor.

During the war of liberation, the 'Independent Bangla Football Team' was formed to create public opinion in favor of independence and to create a fund for the freedom fighters.

The story unravels between the incidents that take place within four days of Joshi, a mobile shop owner who purchases a new car owing to a marriage alliance that is almost fixed with a girl called Radha.
Gatta Kusthi

Veera, a male chauvinist, is seeking a bride with his own preconceived set of conditions. However, he unexpectedly ends up marrying Keerthi who is the polar opposite to his expectations. What will happen when the truth is revealed?