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Is Portland full of spiders...[View Complete Thread] Tarun K. General 11/20/2018
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Anyone from Mumbai?...[View Complete Thread] R N. General 10/23/2018
Casual Relationship Meetup M2F...[View Complete Thread] LOVE Y. General 9/14/2018
Telugu friends...[View Complete Thread] Ranjitha M. General 9/3/2018
Kendra Location Kansas...[View Complete Thread] NILESH S. General 9/1/2018
train services from lake oswego to porland...[View Complete Thread] Veeraraghavan K. General 7/23/2018
Looking for tamil couples/families /friends ...[View Complete Thread] Portland 1. General 7/19/2018
Any thoughts on CS program of Northern Arizona University...[View Complete Thread] Jiji  . General 7/12/2018
Any Indians in Sir Charles court...[View Complete Thread] Portland 1. General 7/10/2018
Indians friends/families in Cornell manor apartment or in NW Barnes road ....[View Complete Thread] Portland 1. General 7/9/2018
Schengen visa supporting documentation...[View Complete Thread] Varun General 6/22/2018
Social Network...[View Complete Thread] Tarun t. General 5/12/2018
New in kings court apartment ...[View Complete Thread] Rachana  S. General 4/23/2018
Dhol drum...[View Complete Thread] Amye H. General 4/21/2018
Any Marathi family in Cortland Village apt....[View Complete Thread] Shital A. General 4/9/2018
Marathi family in Cortland Village apt Hillsboro ...[View Complete Thread] Shital A. General 4/9/2018
H4...[View Complete Thread] Ishita S. General 3/16/2018
Where to stay in Portland- which area is safe for family of 3 including a baby...[View Complete Thread] Haripriya A. General 3/15/2018
Meetup for All Indians ...[View Complete Thread] Shivz V. General 3/9/2018
Expecting Moms / New Moms meet up...[View Complete Thread] Sethu P. General 3/8/2018
Looking for Jain families...[View Complete Thread] Vaishali  A. General 2/17/2018
Instead of Donating, Lets contribute and Empower...[View Complete Thread] Sanchit N. General 12/25/2017
Looking for friends near Cedar mill, new to Oregon...[View Complete Thread] Neha M. General 11/9/2017
Looking for friends near Cedar mill, new to Oregon...[View Complete Thread] Neha M. General 11/8/2017
CAR DRIVING LESSONS...[View Complete Thread] sre e. General 9/12/2017
Friends...[View Complete Thread] Nitin M. General 8/26/2017
Apartment...[View Complete Thread] Gayathri R. General 8/23/2017
Looking for indians at Meridian at Murray Hill apartment...[View Complete Thread] Sangamithra  C. General 8/23/2017
School connection ...[View Complete Thread] Samit S. General 8/19/2017
Looking for a Tamil speaker to help me learn some of the basics of the language...[View Complete Thread] Jay D. General 7/31/2017
Friends at palladia...[View Complete Thread] Anita S. General 6/18/2017
What eLanguage, Internet Lingo, net lingo do you use or are confused about or would like to clarify?...[View Complete Thread] Jiji  . General 6/17/2017
Information regarding best schools and apartment with indians in porrland Oregon...[View Complete Thread] Sangamithra  C. General 6/17/2017
Any desi/american real agent recommendations?...[View Complete Thread] Desi g. General 5/29/2017
Driving lessons near hillsboro, Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Dhan P. General 5/14/2017
Looking for Indians at 97007...[View Complete Thread] Radhika n. General 5/12/2017
Looking for Indian hotel to stay around Hillsboro or Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Dhan P. General 5/9/2017
Group for south Parc Apartment , Bethany for Indian community ...[View Complete Thread] vijayan N. General 5/1/2017
Playdate for Kids...[View Complete Thread] Shilpa A. General 4/22/2017
Need a good trusted affordable CPA for taxes and bookeeping in retail business...[View Complete Thread] payal p. General 4/20/2017
I am on H4 visa, do we require any other proof other than passport for getting the drivers license...[View Complete Thread] Sita General 4/12/2017
Which shipping company/courier company is best for parcel to India...[View Complete Thread] Radha.M General 3/23/2017
B2 Visa Extension...[View Complete Thread] Ravi S. General 3/10/2017
Looking for family friends...[View Complete Thread] kk b. General 3/2/2017
Car Insurance agent recommendation...[View Complete Thread] Abhi K. General 2/3/2017
Looking for playdate for my 1st garde son....[View Complete Thread] rameesha r. General 1/7/2017
Looking for Indians in and around the Meridian apartments at Murray Hills ...[View Complete Thread] Radhika n. General 1/4/2017
e-property Pass Book (EPPB) in India...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. General 11/26/2016
Google Home or Amazon Echo...[View Complete Thread] Raj S. General 11/25/2016
Need 1-2 months help from an experienced Indian lady for my wifes delivery in December...[View Complete Thread] Vishal S. General 9/21/2016
Must read if you are stuck in Green Card backlog - EB2/EB3...[View Complete Thread] Sachin D. General 8/26/2016
Beware of 911 spam calls after posting here...[View Complete Thread] Gaurav A. General 8/25/2016
Single mom Portland work , stay where? ASAP !! ...[View Complete Thread] Sristi M. General 8/1/2016
Anyone Travelling to India preferably Hyderabad...[View Complete Thread] Mouli S. General 7/15/2016
Looking for weekly homemade food and rotis...[View Complete Thread] Gupta r. General 7/5/2016
Info About Vancouver, WA...[View Complete Thread] Ajay G. General 6/28/2016
Ladies/ couples with the same interests ...[View Complete Thread] Tahira B. General 6/28/2016
Konkani Sammelan...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 6/8/2016
Indians at Victory Flat...[View Complete Thread] Gautam G. General 5/28/2016
Indians in Thorncroft Farms...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi H. General 5/24/2016
What is your biggest challenge in finding a job?...[View Complete Thread] Optizent M. General 5/22/2016
Looking for ride companion to hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Ravi S. General 5/20/2016
Suggest any good consultancies for IT...[View Complete Thread] neetha t. General 5/17/2016
lets explore the strength ...[View Complete Thread] Bhagyalakshmi M. General 5/12/2016
Gsb konkani sammelan...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 4/13/2016
What is difference between Hyatt Place and Hyatt House?...[View Complete Thread] Anil M. General 4/3/2016
Need Any Driving Tutor for clearing DMV Driving Test...[View Complete Thread] Ravi S. General 3/4/2016
Need curd culture...[View Complete Thread] Divya B. General 2/23/2016
CRTD Pacemaker Info...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. General 2/7/2016
Lasalle clubhouse booking...[View Complete Thread] P G. General 1/15/2016
New to Portland , want to know about good apts which is nearby school...[View Complete Thread] Kalaivani R. General 12/21/2015
Apartment/Room Required - Female....[View Complete Thread] Nisha Y. General 12/20/2015
Good online IT courses on Coursera...[View Complete Thread] Seema A. General 12/12/2015
Looking for Accomodation...[View Complete Thread] Hitesh S. General 11/24/2015
Looking for Accomodation in Portland...[View Complete Thread] shambhawi s. General 11/23/2015
Looking for accomodation...[View Complete Thread] Bhargavi S. General 11/9/2015
Birthday party buffet...[View Complete Thread] Sangeetha s. General 11/3/2015
Need a mentor in Business Intelligence...[View Complete Thread] Ashwin R. General 10/22/2015
First Birthday Party - Need Details on planning...[View Complete Thread] Ramya V. General 9/3/2015
Want to know about the Hoghschool education, Food and Locality....[View Complete Thread] Dhanraj P. General 9/3/2015
Curry Lea plant...[View Complete Thread] Rodney F. General 8/28/2015
Selling Home Food - Legal or Illegal ? ...[View Complete Thread] Sree S. General 8/11/2015
Homemade Indian Food Tiffin Service...[View Complete Thread] Robin S. General 7/27/2015
Car pool...[View Complete Thread] Arun S. General 7/22/2015
Halidram and other Indian food items issue...[View Complete Thread] Anita P. General 6/20/2015
Looking for Indian community in Eugene ...[View Complete Thread] Vijaya C. General 6/18/2015
Anyone selling fan?...[View Complete Thread] jitu r. General 6/8/2015
Moving to Oragon next week...[View Complete Thread] vasu m. General 6/8/2015
Sesame seeds allowed on International flights...[View Complete Thread] Sapna.T General 5/15/2015
Top must see temples in India...[View Complete Thread] Rohit A. General 5/10/2015
Domestic air travel in India...[View Complete Thread] Rohit A. General 5/10/2015
How many days can cooked rice last?...[View Complete Thread] Anu B. General 5/10/2015
What is the weight limit in domestic flights in India?...[View Complete Thread] Rohit A. General 5/10/2015
Do domestic flights in India allow to carry a baby stroller in the plane?...[View Complete Thread] Rohit A. General 5/10/2015
Looking for people living in and around monte vista apartments Beaverton ...[View Complete Thread] Shilpa S. General 5/8/2015
Day care at home...[View Complete Thread] Raghu R. General 4/20/2015
Wanted to meet Indian families in Corvallis...[View Complete Thread] Leepakshi A. General 4/8/2015
Beauty Services in Hillsboro/Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] PRIYA G. General 4/5/2015
I am interested in learning car driving. Can someone suggest a good and economic driving school or person who can teach? Rahul...[View Complete Thread] Rahul T. General 4/4/2015
Driving Classes ...[View Complete Thread] Rahul T. General 4/2/2015
Kannadigas in Cambridge Crossing Apartments....[View Complete Thread] Akshata S. General 3/25/2015
Best gym in Hillsboro or Beaverton....[View Complete Thread] Siri C. General 3/24/2015
Shared Room - Portland OR...[View Complete Thread] Sri R. General 3/19/2015
Apartment near Oak Hill Elementary ...[View Complete Thread] Ankita S. General 3/7/2015
Vipassana Meditation...[View Complete Thread] Dinesh R. General 3/4/2015
New to the US of A...[View Complete Thread] Gini N. General 3/2/2015
School bus availability from Kings court...[View Complete Thread] Omkumar S. General 2/28/2015
anyone from north east india...[View Complete Thread] Neila B. General 2/27/2015
Looking for Pick/Drop service for my kid from School...[View Complete Thread] P G. General 1/30/2015
Anybody living in Lasalle apartments? Need to book the clubhouse...[View Complete Thread] P G. General 1/18/2015
Drivers school for over 65 parents...[View Complete Thread] Vaibhav V. General 1/13/2015
I am shifting to Hillsboro with my husband and 7 month old kid. Is salary between $70k to $75K ok for a living.Or ehat salary should be ok to survie there. I am coming through Wipro...[View Complete Thread] Pavithra B. General 1/6/2015
Tipping Macys delivery...[View Complete Thread] Anil S. General 1/4/2015
Black Tie event dress code...[View Complete Thread] Pankaj J. General 12/31/2014
Disciplining kids in US...[View Complete Thread] Shikha S. General 12/29/2014
Tipping a massage therapist...[View Complete Thread] Sona P. General 12/17/2014
Activities for kids in Las Vegas...[View Complete Thread] Mohan A. General 12/13/2014
Outdoor hoses in cold weather...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. General 12/2/2014
Mailbox keys geting stuck in cold weather...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. General 12/2/2014
Beauty services in Beaverton/Portland...[View Complete Thread] Radhika N. General 11/26/2014
What are some of the Indian traditions you think are strange?...[View Complete Thread] Sunil A. General 11/22/2014
Has anyone tried making Cafe Mocha with Keurig machine?...[View Complete Thread] Meena P. General 11/22/2014
Hindi Language...[View Complete Thread] Fonda S. General 11/20/2014
Moving to beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Mansvi s. General 10/3/2014
Sellers be aware of this scam...[View Complete Thread] PPS S. General 10/3/2014
iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?...[View Complete Thread] Anil K. General 9/29/2014
Dress code for Interview at Nike, Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Sudhir P. General 9/24/2014
SimpliSafe Security System Review...[View Complete Thread] Ravi S. General 9/24/2014
New in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Pooja S. General 9/23/2014
Is there any Sikh/Punjabi people living in Lake Oswego area....[View Complete Thread] Mandeep K. General 9/22/2014
Apartments with South Indian Community...[View Complete Thread] Vineeth D. General 9/21/2014
anyone living in lionsgate apartments ??...[View Complete Thread] srivathsan j. General 9/17/2014
HINDI TRANSLATOR SOUGHT FOR 146-WORD JOB -- IMMEDIATE DEADLINE!...[View Complete Thread] Mary M. General 9/13/2014
Bug Problem in the House...[View Complete Thread] Seema K. General 9/9/2014
How to fight jet lag...[View Complete Thread] Niraj S. General 9/8/2014
How to study MS in USA with h4 visa...[View Complete Thread] Sirisha A. General 9/4/2014
LIC tax implications in US...[View Complete Thread] Amit K. General 8/28/2014
Indian Food in Nice, France...[View Complete Thread] Pushpa A. General 8/26/2014
Traveling in France with luggage ...[View Complete Thread] Pushpa A. General 8/25/2014
best grocery for supplues...[View Complete Thread] ganesh m. General 8/25/2014
Real estate in Gurgaon...[View Complete Thread] Smita S. General 8/25/2014
Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon...[View Complete Thread] Smita S. General 8/25/2014
Why does life feels so mechnical in US...[View Complete Thread] Ashu M. General 8/16/2014
Trip to Hawaii...[View Complete Thread] Ram B. General 8/15/2014
Tumeric stain removal from Carpet...[View Complete Thread] sud x. General 8/11/2014
Which are the hot startups founded by desis?...[View Complete Thread] Saurabh A. General 8/6/2014
Which programming language is most useful for finding a job?...[View Complete Thread] Meeta S. General 8/6/2014
Do you have to buy medical insurance while visiting from India?...[View Complete Thread] Ramesh B. General 8/6/2014
Relocating to Hillsboro this November...[View Complete Thread] Nilesh D. General 7/30/2014
Which degree to take MBA or CPA when on H4 visa?...[View Complete Thread] Aditi D General 7/29/2014
Where do you get visitor Insurance for your parents visiting from India?...[View Complete Thread] Manu A General 7/29/2014
Where can I find Indian Revenue Stamps...[View Complete Thread] Sudhir S General 7/27/2014
Buying a car...[View Complete Thread] Arnab G. General 7/15/2014
moving from beaverton to tigard, lake oswego...[View Complete Thread] thamizarasi s. General 7/10/2014
Girls on H4 visa share their stories....[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 7/8/2014
GRE Partner...[View Complete Thread] Kat S. General 6/20/2014
Indian preschool survey help...[View Complete Thread] Adi K. General 6/19/2014
Apartment/Townhouse on Rent...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 5/21/2014
review needed for thorncroft farms,rockcreek landing or creekside apartments Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Viky d. General 5/19/2014
Looking for a Accomadation in Portland...[View Complete Thread] Arunkumar K. General 5/18/2014
Sambar and Rasam Powder...[View Complete Thread] Seema P. General 5/1/2014
Apartments at walking distance from Jacob Wismer or Bethany Schools...[View Complete Thread] Shailja S. General 4/23/2014
Driving school in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] vipul m. General 4/13/2014
Moving to Beaverton from chennai,Looking for apartment around Bethany and Jacob Schools....[View Complete Thread] SathyaPriya J. General 4/8/2014
Any one in Bethany / rock creek ? Playdates and family meet ups...[View Complete Thread] R P. General 3/31/2014
Relocation to Beaverton, OR...[View Complete Thread] Phani L. General 3/17/2014
Relocation Lake Oswego/Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] TEJAS V. General 3/9/2014
Car Sale in Hunters Ridge...[View Complete Thread] Abhishek J. General 3/5/2014
Relocation...[View Complete Thread] Poonam  T. General 2/22/2014
Looking for car pool...[View Complete Thread] Sumy V. General 1/28/2014
Moving to Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Shailja S. General 1/20/2014
H4 women...[View Complete Thread] thulasi P. General 1/5/2014
Looking for Car Pool To SALEM / Tualatin Park & Ride, Metzger...[View Complete Thread] Venkat Y. General 12/14/2013
Need help...[View Complete Thread] Savita M. General 11/28/2013
Singing Teacher...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 11/20/2013
Need Good Movers Information..!!...[View Complete Thread] Mukul A. General 11/11/2013
Cricket...[View Complete Thread] Sudharsan G. General 11/5/2013
intel interns...[View Complete Thread] AKSHAY M. General 11/4/2013
Housemate...[View Complete Thread] monnie s. General 11/3/2013
suggestions ...[View Complete Thread] Megha S. General 10/30/2013
Intel Ronler Acres...[View Complete Thread] Abhishek  C. General 10/29/2013
Admission processs...[View Complete Thread] Srameela K. General 9/23/2013
Moving to Lake Oswego for work...[View Complete Thread] Nikhila R. General 9/17/2013
Acting classes...[View Complete Thread] Sushil K. General 9/16/2013
Anyone living in LaSalle Apartments, Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Abhishek N. General 8/22/2013
Moving to Portland ...[View Complete Thread] Abhishek N. General 8/7/2013
Photography...[View Complete Thread] Srinivas R. General 7/28/2013
Need Kitchen Appliances...[View Complete Thread] Kushal C. General 7/27/2013
Laptop Computers to India...[View Complete Thread] Scotti R. General 7/9/2013
High rent in apartments...[View Complete Thread] Sravan G. General 7/8/2013
Need suggestions on good apartments near Intel Jones Farm campus...[View Complete Thread] Achu N. General 7/4/2013
New Desi Move-Ins to Portland...[View Complete Thread] pankaj s. General 6/20/2013
Seeking family members from Gadar movement...[View Complete Thread] Nell N. General 6/10/2013
Taking Rupees in and out of India...[View Complete Thread] Jiji  . General 6/3/2013
Part time jobs...[View Complete Thread] Bhargavi M. General 6/1/2013
Racism towards South Asians in Portland...[View Complete Thread] Janaka G. General 5/31/2013
how to apply for drivers license on H4 visa, since ssn no. not provided...[View Complete Thread] Vanjaxi S. General 5/24/2013
Regarding 1br flat in bewerton...[View Complete Thread] Abhishek J. General 5/17/2013
Meadows in Heron Creek - Reviews...[View Complete Thread] Payal A. General 5/7/2013
Looking for an apartment in Lake Oswego Or Tigard with Indian community...[View Complete Thread] komal R. General 5/5/2013
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Husband being a Womaniser...[View Complete Thread] neo p. General 5/2/2013
Good place to live in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Vikas G. General 4/26/2013
Hard Tennis Cricket...[View Complete Thread] kuldeep m. General 4/19/2013
Good school area...[View Complete Thread] Seva S. General 4/10/2013
Review about meadow ridge apts, willowbrook apts in beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Charitha R. General 4/9/2013
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New to wilsonville, oregon...[View Complete Thread] Priya T. General 3/25/2013
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playdate for son...[View Complete Thread] juan  d. General 3/15/2013
Kings court - Looking for a playmate for my little one...[View Complete Thread] Vijaya R. General 3/15/2013
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Cost of doing MS on H4 visa...[View Complete Thread] Seema K. General 1/5/2013
Maharani Diabetic Rice...[View Complete Thread] Jiji  . General 12/21/2012
Please let me know if anybody coming to Portland after 22nd - Dec - 12...[View Complete Thread] SASIDHAR T. General 12/7/2012
Good Elementary School & Apartment in Eugene...[View Complete Thread] Gopinath M. General 12/2/2012
play companion...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 11/19/2012
Daily Meet for parents visiting USA in winters--Near Tanasbourne area...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. General 11/19/2012
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Car driving training...[View Complete Thread] Aarti S. General 10/20/2012
Teaching Kapalbhati Pranaym Propoperlya...[View Complete Thread] MANHAR P. General 10/16/2012
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Apartments New Portland,OR...[View Complete Thread] S G. General 10/3/2012
hunting for frendz...[View Complete Thread] Shekar c. General 9/27/2012
Wilsonville...[View Complete Thread] MENAKA S. General 9/27/2012
Wilsonville...[View Complete Thread] MENAKA S. General 9/25/2012
Indian cooking lessons wanted...[View Complete Thread] Rishi B. General 9/21/2012
Devery / Keller University MBA...[View Complete Thread] Indian I. General 9/20/2012
Good pre school in Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Ajit S. General 9/5/2012
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Any Tamil family living near Intel JF / HF?...[View Complete Thread] Lilly F. General 8/30/2012
Help Needed...[View Complete Thread] Afshan T. General 8/30/2012
any kannadigas in emerald place apartments???...[View Complete Thread] Sonica A. General 8/29/2012
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Apartment details in portland...[View Complete Thread] Devi S. General 8/17/2012
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Need Nike/Columbia Guest Passes...[View Complete Thread] Dare S. General 8/1/2012
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Female Badminton / jogging partner near Beaverton / 170th Av/ Cambridge...[View Complete Thread] Ruju K. General 7/25/2012
Home Loan Lenders in Portland aArea...[View Complete Thread] Sanjeev C. General 7/9/2012
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Best affordable city and state in United state live for...[View Complete Thread] hitesh p. General 2/27/2012
Anyone in nexus Orenco apartments with 1 -1.5 yr old kid..or...[View Complete Thread] Meera S. General 2/16/2012
kids meet up / playdate...[View Complete Thread] nikki N. General 1/27/2012
Beauty services...[View Complete Thread] thanavi k. General 1/10/2012
Recommendations for visitor health insurance for visiting parents...[View Complete Thread] Ashraf K. General 1/6/2012
Hindi Channels on Roku Player...[View Complete Thread] Rakesh K. General 12/9/2011
receipe with cabbage ...[View Complete Thread] tulip s. General 12/5/2011
receipe with cabbage ...[View Complete Thread] tulip s. General 12/5/2011
Please safeguard your jewellery...[View Complete Thread] veera m. General 11/24/2011
Bay area for Thanksgiving weekend?...[View Complete Thread] S K. General 11/14/2011
Reservations in India...[View Complete Thread] Raghu K. General 11/9/2011
Hampton Ridge /Hampto Park apartments...[View Complete Thread] P G. General 11/8/2011
Any indian parlour in Rockcreek or surrounding areas...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. General 11/4/2011
Anyone in vancouver side of the town ??...[View Complete Thread] badshah k. General 11/2/2011
suggestion regarding apartment...[View Complete Thread] anu s. General 10/16/2011
Indian stores for Indian suits...[View Complete Thread] Shams D. General 9/30/2011
Protest against Biased USA Visa system and injustice with the Indians.y...[View Complete Thread] PIYUSH M. General 9/26/2011
Indians working in Wilsonvelle...[View Complete Thread] P G. General 9/26/2011
Auto/ Insurance Agent?...[View Complete Thread] S K. General 9/19/2011
Medicaid...[View Complete Thread] Sanjeev C. General 9/14/2011
Used Car Loan?...[View Complete Thread] A R. General 9/7/2011
Difficulties faced after moving to the US?...[View Complete Thread] Sathya T. General 9/6/2011
Moving to Portland/Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Nitika C. General 9/5/2011
Banking between India and USA...[View Complete Thread] Sy Z. General 9/1/2011
Crater Lake this long weekend?...[View Complete Thread] S K. General 8/31/2011
Hiking and Pot luck for all old and new portlanders !!...[View Complete Thread] x t. General 8/24/2011
INDIA Shining. Should we Go Back ??...[View Complete Thread] Will C. General 8/19/2011
Fresh and Unique baby girls names...[View Complete Thread] Dilli g. General 8/14/2011
new to lake oswego- any indians in mountain park area?...[View Complete Thread] anita j. General 8/14/2011
eyebrow threding...[View Complete Thread] lavanya R. General 8/3/2011
Meeting for Senior Peopled...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. General 7/27/2011
Set up a playdate...[View Complete Thread] user j. General 7/27/2011
Any Indians in North West Portland ?c...[View Complete Thread] Glorious D. General 7/23/2011
Tourist visa while my H1 is valid for 2 months...[View Complete Thread] ajay g. General 7/19/2011
Notary in Portland/ Beaverton/Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] kewl n. General 7/18/2011
Any Indian in Canyon Park Apartment, Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Amrita N. General 7/15/2011
Moving to Hillsboro- need some advice in choosing apartments !...[View Complete Thread] ayurda s. General 7/13/2011
Looking for a room/roommates near Intel (Ronler Acres campus), Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] Anantha N. General 7/12/2011
Looking for somebody in Kingscourt for eyebrows to be done....[View Complete Thread] Cool G. General 7/6/2011
Moving to Lake Oswego...[View Complete Thread] swamy c. General 7/5/2011
India or US citizenship...[View Complete Thread] ajay g. General 7/3/2011
Driving instructor needed to pass oregon DMV...[View Complete Thread] சாரதா à. General 6/30/2011
Driver License...[View Complete Thread] Sivasankaran M. General 6/30/2011
Carrom board wantedo...[View Complete Thread] Preethis k. General 6/27/2011
Moving to Beaverton, where to live?...[View Complete Thread] sala k. General 6/26/2011
Are there any indians that grew up in the west here?...[View Complete Thread] P B. General 6/26/2011
Hi...[View Complete Thread] Ashwin P. General 6/21/2011
Hikers any?...[View Complete Thread] willie m. General 6/20/2011
Ramakrishna-Vivekananda study circlec...[View Complete Thread] ajay g. General 6/18/2011
Where to watch Bollywood Movies in Portland ? Joy theater is closed y l...[View Complete Thread] x t. General 6/3/2011
lets meet at Bollywood night at Roture DJ anjali re...[View Complete Thread] x t. General 6/3/2011
Any suggestion for Kaiser gynecologist female?...[View Complete Thread] reshmi s. General 6/1/2011
Hi there...[View Complete Thread] RiyaButler R. General 5/30/2011
Need persons from India who speak Urdua...[View Complete Thread] Yvonne C. General 5/28/2011
Tamil People in USA?...[View Complete Thread] elaya r. General 5/14/2011
Looking for a companion or a group of companions to go out on a long week-endcom ...[View Complete Thread] Nitin Kishore S. General 5/8/2011
Planning to rent a home in Creekside at Tanasbourne... Request for advice regarding the community...[View Complete Thread] Sainath G. General 5/6/2011
Looking for a studio apartment in hillsboro... Suggestions please...[View Complete Thread] Sainath G. General 5/5/2011
Looking for Good school in Beavertonc...[View Complete Thread] Mohan M. General 5/4/2011
Schools ...[View Complete Thread] Venkat S. General 4/29/2011
Any malayalee females in beaverton area?...[View Complete Thread] chinoo k. General 4/28/2011
Any indian in Lasalle apartment in beaverton...[View Complete Thread] pooja g. General 4/27/2011
Moving to portland from India...[View Complete Thread] lakshmi g. General 4/26/2011
Moving to Beavertono...[View Complete Thread] Swati K. General 4/25/2011
Any indians in Rockcreek landing...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. General 4/23/2011
Anyone here in the Cedar Hills/SW portland area?...[View Complete Thread] N N. General 4/22/2011
Looking for a studio/ 1B apartments in Beaverton for 3 months...[View Complete Thread] Sourabh B. General 4/21/2011
Looking for Shared Room near Intel Jones Farm...[View Complete Thread] sharvil s. General 4/15/2011
Can anybody share compile for new york and niagra fall trip.or...[View Complete Thread] bs n. General 4/14/2011
Girls who were on H4 visa- please share your stories...[View Complete Thread] deepa l. General 4/12/2011
Regarding salary...[View Complete Thread] Raghavendra N. General 4/12/2011
Looking for a South Indian cook in the month of May...[View Complete Thread] Prabha S. General 4/5/2011
Best Fitness centreo...[View Complete Thread] Puniti G. General 4/5/2011
Apartment required in Hillsboro--Please suggest...[View Complete Thread] Puniti G. General 3/24/2011
World Cup Games - where to watch live?a...[View Complete Thread] bold b. General 3/24/2011
Looking for a room/roommates near Intel(Jones Farm campus), Hillsboroy ...[View Complete Thread] Pavan S. General 3/21/2011
Saree Dresser needed...[View Complete Thread] Mike P. General 3/21/2011
Single Bed/Bath Apartment near Hillsboro, OR 97124r...[View Complete Thread] Kishore P. General 3/15/2011
Decision to Move to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Sanghavi K. General 3/13/2011
job loa...[View Complete Thread] prasanna k. General 3/11/2011
Any Desis in Thorncroft Apartments?...[View Complete Thread] e b. General 3/9/2011
Moving sale Kings Court...[View Complete Thread] megha j. General 3/7/2011
Apartment available on sublease in Kings Court, Beaverton ore<...[View Complete Thread] megha j. General 3/5/2011
One Bedroom Apartment Kings Court ...[View Complete Thread] megha j. General 3/5/2011
Paramhansa Ramakrishna, Maa and Swami Vivekananda r...[View Complete Thread] ajay g. General 3/5/2011
Bollywood Dance classes...[View Complete Thread] Puniti G. General 2/28/2011
Cash basis job-Part time...[View Complete Thread] Puniti G. General 2/28/2011
Any Indians in tanasbourne terrace apartment?...[View Complete Thread] ro B. General 2/26/2011
Nanny Neededc...[View Complete Thread] P v. General 2/24/2011
Anyones kid studying in TV Junior Academy?...[View Complete Thread] Vijay I. General 2/7/2011
Copper Leaf - Riverside new construction .. anyone there?...[View Complete Thread] Vijay I. General 2/7/2011
anybody there to give me driving classes/...[View Complete Thread] asharajendra r. General 2/4/2011
Question about Beavertons Hunters Run Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Pasha D. General 2/1/2011
Flight tickets to/from India...[View Complete Thread] Harmeet C. General 2/1/2011
anyone have information on south indian priest to perform house warming poojai?co...[View Complete Thread] சாரதா à. General 1/28/2011
Need 2(bed+bath)Apartment for rent near max station(frm orenco to beaverton area)...[View Complete Thread] vivacious v. General 1/26/2011
Need 2(bed+bath)Apartment for rent near max station(frm orenco to beaverton area)...[View Complete Thread] vivacious v. General 1/26/2011
Moving back to Hillsboro/Beverton...[View Complete Thread] சாரதா à. General 1/26/2011
looking for a school for my 5 yr old son...[View Complete Thread] Gayathri K. General 1/25/2011
Moving to portland... need help in choosing best high schoolor...[View Complete Thread] swamy c. General 1/19/2011
New to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Shankar R. General 1/16/2011
Companion to kill time. I am in Kings court Apartments....[View Complete Thread] Sezhiyan N. General 1/16/2011
Moving Sale...[View Complete Thread] Lats S. General 1/10/2011
Moving to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Srini S. General 1/10/2011
Thinking Of Moving To Portland...[View Complete Thread] Srini S. General 1/10/2011
looking for play companion for my kid...[View Complete Thread] sara t. General 1/7/2011
Help Sonia Rai find a bone marrow donor! Time is running out!!...[View Complete Thread] ebru  t. General 1/7/2011
Looking for a female roommate ...[View Complete Thread] Raksha S. General 1/7/2011
Swami Vivekananda and discussion...[View Complete Thread] ajay j. General 1/3/2011
Female Roommate needed...[View Complete Thread] vikram K. General 12/31/2010
AIM hospital in Delhi India...[View Complete Thread] Maurya K. General 12/27/2010
Mount Hood Trip...[View Complete Thread] Nidhinraj John T. General 12/25/2010
roommate needed...[View Complete Thread] fenil k. General 12/25/2010
Indian Passport surrenderd...[View Complete Thread] bhavri a. General 12/14/2010
New to city, looking for help with Beauty Salons in EAST PORTLAND...[View Complete Thread] N N. General 11/25/2010
Any Indians out here on the East side (Happy Valley Area)?...[View Complete Thread] N N. General 11/25/2010
Indian Culture In USA...[View Complete Thread] ms a. General 11/24/2010
Apartments around Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Anil G. General 11/20/2010
Get togethers in Portlandd...[View Complete Thread] Anoop J. General 11/19/2010
Families out in Gresham...[View Complete Thread] Jana O. General 11/19/2010
Looking for Apartments to share in Wilsonville ORre...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi A. General 11/16/2010
List of IT Professional Training ...[View Complete Thread] Sonia N. General 11/13/2010
Looking for some one to hang around in portland...[View Complete Thread] Mandy M. General 11/4/2010
Best elementary school...[View Complete Thread] VIDHYA S. General 11/2/2010
Anyone coming from Delhi - PDX 11/11c...[View Complete Thread] Neeraj U. General 10/29/2010
Anyone following Big Boss 4...[View Complete Thread] sagar s. General 10/24/2010
IT Trainning in QA...[View Complete Thread] Test T. General 10/15/2010
SHIPPING TO INDIA...[View Complete Thread] Manohar R. General 10/15/2010
Diwali outfit...[View Complete Thread] Stephanie L. General 10/12/2010
Day Cares in Portland / Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Jyoti S. General 10/11/2010
partner to play badmintond...[View Complete Thread] gaia g. General 9/15/2010
H4 visa ...[View Complete Thread] priyanka p. General 9/15/2010
New Delhi to Portland...[View Complete Thread] Neeraj U. General 9/13/2010
immersion of ganesh idol in hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] pri c. General 9/9/2010
Least expensive Indian grocery store in Portland areaa...[View Complete Thread] Pratibha K. General 8/23/2010
Looking for Hillsboro Desi Families to meet....[View Complete Thread] Bunny B. General 8/23/2010
Where to get Indian fish...[View Complete Thread] Guddu t. General 8/13/2010
Any one interested in Hanging out?...[View Complete Thread] e b. General 8/11/2010
Muslim family Moving to Portland , Indian community Apartment suggestions required....[View Complete Thread] khaja M. General 8/11/2010
Apartment In Gresham...[View Complete Thread] Santosh N. General 8/8/2010
Swami Vivekananda Study Circle and weekly discussion...[View Complete Thread] ajay j. General 8/6/2010
Good Female OB / GYN Required...[View Complete Thread] Rucha K. General 7/29/2010
Looking for a partime helper...[View Complete Thread] Jeff T. General 7/29/2010
Goat meat - Need recommendation on where to buy...[View Complete Thread] Dharmesh S. General 7/25/2010
Need Christian Family...[View Complete Thread] Samuel J. General 7/23/2010
Telugu FM stations in USA contact numbers....[View Complete Thread] Arun K. General 7/19/2010
Beauty Saloon in 97007 Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] resume r. General 7/17/2010
indian classical music group...[View Complete Thread] ajay j. General 7/14/2010
Any body in Overlook at Murrayhills, Osprey dr Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] resume r. General 7/14/2010
Looking for a beauty parlour...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi Ranjan D. General 7/10/2010
Want to meet desi families...[View Complete Thread] Swati K. General 7/6/2010
meeting Indians in portland...[View Complete Thread] suraj r. General 7/5/2010
looking to meet Indians living in Portland...[View Complete Thread] suraj r. General 7/5/2010
Help with food...[View Complete Thread] Ajay W. General 6/24/2010
Money transfer to india...[View Complete Thread] Sriram S. General 6/14/2010
hi im asha,im a great babysitter...[View Complete Thread] asharajendra r. General 5/28/2010
Activity Partners...[View Complete Thread] Ankur K. General 5/25/2010
Any suggestions for Halal restaurants...[View Complete Thread] I B. General 5/23/2010
Help with cooking...[View Complete Thread] Anoushka V. General 5/21/2010
Career options for Indian B.Arch professional in US...[View Complete Thread] Prachur B. General 5/19/2010
Move to Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Sujatha A. General 5/19/2010
Willing to Learn Facials?d...[View Complete Thread] e b. General 5/12/2010
Beauty Parlour...[View Complete Thread] Smita S. General 5/12/2010
Ladies Meetup...[View Complete Thread] e b. General 5/10/2010
Best Schoolsc...[View Complete Thread] Raj K. General 5/9/2010
Looking for accommodation near Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] sulochana l. General 5/8/2010
baby sitter or nanny hered...[View Complete Thread] asharajendra r. General 3/30/2010
need help with cooking and light house keeping and some child care...[View Complete Thread] Kalpana N. General 3/13/2010
looking for accomodation in beaverton tigard areare...[View Complete Thread] prithiv v. General 3/9/2010
Plz suggest Indian female OBGYN...[View Complete Thread] Swetha R. General 2/25/2010
Indian Wedding help needed...[View Complete Thread] Alexis R. General 2/6/2010
Moving to Hillsboro - Looking for Apartment...[View Complete Thread] Rucha K. General 2/4/2010
Do you watch Zee TV?...[View Complete Thread] Lara M. General 1/30/2010
If any one gudiance for pursuing a career in psychology...[View Complete Thread] saritha M. General 1/25/2010
gudiance for pursuing a career in psychology...[View Complete Thread] saritha M. General 1/24/2010
Looking for a job as a cook...[View Complete Thread] Anoushka V. General 1/17/2010
threading.....[View Complete Thread] Carry O. General 1/13/2010
Looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] priya g. General 12/25/2009
looking for a south indian priest...[View Complete Thread] Uma R. General 12/23/2009
Need Room in Hillsboro...[View Complete Thread] vamshi d. General 12/3/2009
looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] GOPINADH K. General 12/2/2009
Taking LCD TV to India...[View Complete Thread] GOPAL S. General 11/25/2009
Looking for apartment in Beaverton...[View Complete Thread] Amruta P. General 11/12/2009
Looking for a cook...[View Complete Thread] Rex  S. General 11/9/2009
Which area had more north indians in Irving ...[View Complete Thread] Shweta G. General 11/2/2009
job...[View Complete Thread] prasanna k. General 10/29/2009
looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] vidya j. General 10/28/2009
(Nanny Job, Recruiter , Receptionist, Gas Station)looking for cash paid job...[View Complete Thread] a a. General 10/22/2009
apartment in camas wa...[View Complete Thread] raminpreet  k. General 10/12/2009
Nanny Neededc...[View Complete Thread] Mizzy n. General 10/11/2009
Looking fa Indian room mates in Vancouver, WA area....[View Complete Thread] Shrikant S. General 10/6/2009
good apartments in Vancouver, WA...[View Complete Thread] Dinesh K. General 9/16/2009
Household helper wanted - Good pay...[View Complete Thread] Jeff T. General 9/7/2009
nurse lo...[View Complete Thread] raminpreet  k. General 9/6/2009
Any one flying to Portland towards Sep end or Oct beginning...[View Complete Thread] Dhanabal K. General 8/31/2009
Healthcare negligence and ...[View Complete Thread] Joseph W. General 8/27/2009
Currently Working in Denver on H1B Looking for Opportunity in PDX as QA...[View Complete Thread] Shiva S. General 8/21/2009
Currently Working on H1 in Denver. Looking for Job in Portland...[View Complete Thread] Shiva S. General 8/21/2009
One day trip to SFO ...[View Complete Thread] Ramesh R. General 8/18/2009
looking for a cash paid job......[View Complete Thread] sree c. General 8/17/2009
Anyone going to India on Nov 4th...[View Complete Thread] Vik J. General 8/11/2009
Looking for People To Go To Portland Indian Festival WIth...[View Complete Thread] Yonatan D. General 8/9/2009
india festival ...[View Complete Thread] raminpreet  k. General 8/9/2009
kaur lo...[View Complete Thread] raminpreet  k. General 8/8/2009
nursing ...[View Complete Thread] raminpreet  k. General 8/8/2009
PIO card...[View Complete Thread] sud s. General 8/6/2009
Birthday cake ordero...[View Complete Thread] priya m. General 8/3/2009
I can teach painting...[View Complete Thread] ajay j. General 7/23/2009
looking for beauty parlour training...[View Complete Thread] vidya risbud r. General 7/23/2009
want frnds...[View Complete Thread] shilpi v. General 7/21/2009
indian community...[View Complete Thread] shilpi v. General 7/21/2009
looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] sai r. General 7/8/2009
Cortland Village & Kings Court--> Feedback on both Apartmento...[View Complete Thread] Ankit V. General 6/24/2009
female roommate...[View Complete Thread] Anitha K. General 6/23/2009
dining table for sale...[View Complete Thread] ujjal  b. General 5/2/2009
looking for a nanny job...[View Complete Thread] sandhya d. General 4/29/2009
Moving to Portland - Suggestion for indian community apartments...[View Complete Thread] Vara Prasad S. General 4/9/2009
Threading...[View Complete Thread] sujata r. General 3/19/2009
India vs Newzeland 1st Test Match Live Streaming...[View Complete Thread] Vijay N. General 3/17/2009
Looking for Java J2EE Jobd...[View Complete Thread] Vikas N. General 3/6/2009
Carrying two laptops to INDIA...[View Complete Thread] Subita R. General 2/22/2009
looking for cash paid jobd...[View Complete Thread] anjuleeca S. General 1/24/2009
IT-Training and Placement:...[View Complete Thread] Sharda K. General 1/15/2009
SQL Server Trainingo...[View Complete Thread] sreekumar a. General 1/4/2009
Beauty salon in hillsborod...[View Complete Thread] sandy j. General 12/22/2008
Looking for cash paid jobs....[View Complete Thread] sandy j. General 12/19/2008
Interested in giving tutions...[View Complete Thread] pompa  r. General 12/5/2008
Respond to the Mumbai Terror Attacks: Ask the US Congress to cut off funding to Pakistan if it does not close down the terror training camps responsible for the Mumbai Terror Attacks! ...[View Complete Thread] shishir m. General 12/4/2008
Tutions for Kids (helping in there daily school work)a...[View Complete Thread] tejas r. General 12/3/2008
wanted help finding QA training center in beaverton , oregonor...[View Complete Thread] tejas r. General 12/3/2008
looking for roommates...[View Complete Thread] Sukhmani B. General 12/1/2008
Saddened by the events in India...[View Complete Thread] Ray K. General 11/30/2008
SAP, security, network training in Portland/Beaverton? ...[View Complete Thread] mallu M. General 11/5/2008
Willow Creek Apartments in Aloha...[View Complete Thread] priya h. General 11/4/2008
How Many Indians Work at Intel?...[View Complete Thread] V B. General 10/20/2008
Need Mehndi and clothing recommendation...[View Complete Thread] Erin D. General 10/14/2008
Life for Manish Bhardwaj : Need helpc...[View Complete Thread] Anil j. General 10/8/2008
Apartment Sear...[View Complete Thread] RENU s. General 10/7/2008
Need Indian Community...[View Complete Thread] Port M. General 9/19/2008
Looking for good driving instructor...[View Complete Thread] PadmaShri G. General 9/8/2008
Home help wanted...[View Complete Thread] Guru N. General 8/31/2008
Car pool from Beaverton (Kings Court ) to Hillsboro (Intel, JF/RA campus)...[View Complete Thread] Anil j. General 8/5/2008
Marathi, Hindi, Bangla,Gujrati and Kannada TV Shows on Internet...[View Complete Thread] Jay S. General 7/27/2008
Urgent - Need some information on Fair Oaks Village Apartmento...[View Complete Thread] Vipin M. General 7/26/2008
Indian Doctors...[View Complete Thread] Amar S. General 7/24/2008
Indian Community...[View Complete Thread] Amar S. General 7/24/2008
Mallus in Portland Area ?d...[View Complete Thread] S J. General 7/19/2008
Looking for sublease / apartment for family...[View Complete Thread] Anil j. General 7/8/2008
Looking for subleases in elmonica, kings court........[View Complete Thread] shiva g. General 6/27/2008
Looking for apartment in portland with indian community!...[View Complete Thread] BHASKAR A. General 6/24/2008
looking apartment with indian community...[View Complete Thread] shiva g. General 6/22/2008
test loa...[View Complete Thread] m2h3js1h m. General 6/19/2008
Moving into portland...[View Complete Thread] Rams B. General 4/29/2008
Good apartments to stay...[View Complete Thread] Jaya R. General 4/28/2008
Nanny wanted !!...[View Complete Thread] pompy g. General 4/7/2008
Want to hang out in NE?...[View Complete Thread] Erin D. General 4/6/2008
How is Portland? I am in detroit MI. Planning to movea...[View Complete Thread] Krupal S. General 3/26/2008
Apartments...[View Complete Thread] HS S. General 3/25/2008
Marathi Speakers???...[View Complete Thread] Julia T. General 3/20/2008
Custom clothing...[View Complete Thread] Julia T. General 3/19/2008
Moving to Hillsboro, Oregon...[View Complete Thread] Hayer S. General 3/16/2008
moving l...[View Complete Thread] g g. General 3/8/2008
Would like to learn Hindi/Gujarati language & regional dishes to cooky ...[View Complete Thread] Erin D. General 3/7/2008
Social Security after getting EAD...[View Complete Thread] Kaushiki W. General 2/1/2008
Suggest sponsorer for new H1B ...[View Complete Thread] Sia L. General 1/21/2008
In search of Indian "nanny" to speak to my infant son in Hindi and Gujarati...[View Complete Thread] Erin D. General 1/17/2008
Software testing knowledge ...[View Complete Thread] Silvi S. General 1/14/2008
live project on testing tools...[View Complete Thread] vidya g. General 1/7/2008
JEWELLARY SHOP...[View Complete Thread] Narayana T. General 1/3/2008
Looking for Indians...[View Complete Thread] Tasha S. General 1/1/2008
looking for dancing classes...[View Complete Thread] Sahara/Muna A. General 12/28/2007
Sister City Association with the city "Vizag" in India...[View Complete Thread] Axel Mainzer  K. General 12/27/2007
MAX station nearest to Intel Jones Farm Campus...[View Complete Thread] Suchika K. General 11/21/2007
Invest in gold...[View Complete Thread] Radhika P. General 11/7/2007
Need a VISA to visit INDIA...[View Complete Thread] Mihir D. General 11/3/2007
...[View Complete Thread] asha s. General 10/5/2007
Looking for QA training institute...[View Complete Thread] manogna g. General 9/12/2007
Where to buy Saree/Sari in Portland?c...[View Complete Thread] Timber B. General 9/11/2007
Nanny wanted : Need assistance finding a nanny for new born care ...[View Complete Thread] Rahul G. General 8/31/2007
Any1 coming to India from NY ?...[View Complete Thread] Amey A. General 8/23/2007
Lawyer needed...[View Complete Thread] Ashutosh S. General 7/31/2007
TN Visa holder wants to invite parents & 19year old brother...[View Complete Thread] asha s. General 6/26/2007
Moving to India...[View Complete Thread] Janikka B. General 6/24/2007
Vote for TAJMAHAL...[View Complete Thread] Phal A. General 6/19/2007
Parents coming to Seattle on 29th May...[View Complete Thread] praveen kumar s. General 5/26/2007
Looking for a good obstetrician/gynecologist in& around Beaverton,portland...[View Complete Thread] kal k. General 2/14/2007
Reseraching - South Indian Restaurant oppurtunities in or around Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] ram r. General 2/3/2007
Looking for Homecooked food...[View Complete Thread] pradeep d. General 1/15/2007
Best Blender for making dosa batter...[View Complete Thread] priti b. General 12/3/2006
Bollywood Dancing...[View Complete Thread] Mansi A. General 11/11/2006
Multicultural *mixed* Indian Families?a...[View Complete Thread] Amancia K. General 11/8/2006
Need roomates (atleast indian people contacts) in Portland, OR...[View Complete Thread] Mandar K. General 6/6/2006
Need Assistance to Move into Portland...[View Complete Thread] sureshbabu s. General 2/26/2006
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